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Easter Monday, 2017

Collage - 1916 - The Red-Letter Play - 2017

Check out some of these great reviews:

‘For those of you who got to see 1916: The Red-Letter Play today in Naomh Barróg it was a real treat. For those who didn’t try to get to see it the next time it’s on. A great way to teach our younger folk the story of the 1916 Rising and the road to Ireland’s independence. Thanks to the author SP McArdle’  – Susan, mother-of-one

‘I was really entertained by The Red-Letter Day play because of all the magic and time travel and 1916 stuff. You wouldn’t ever think there could be a portal in a suitcase but there was. I liked Jenny because she covered herself in invisible ink and had loads of adventures. I really want to read the book now’ – Daniel, aged 10

‘What I really liked about this play, as a mother of girls, was the strength of the female characters’ – Beth, mother-of-four

‘It was exciting and presented in a funny, humorous way by the actors and I was happy to see my son so engaged till the end of a play – as I was myself. The historical thread makes the whole experience even more valuable for children and parents. We certainly want to see more of Jenny’s adventures!’ – Anna, mother-of-two

‘I really liked the idea of time travelling and the actors having to ‘freeze’ on stage when other things were happening at the same time – this made it great to watch and I really enjoyed it’ – Julian, aged 12

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