A ‘best book’ of the year!

SP McArdle

The Red-Letter Day is about famous writers including Oscar Wilde and Shakespeare, the Book of Kells, Finn McCool, the Giant’s Causeway, the Easter Rising… and much, much more. It’s a magic travel adventure story for boys and girls aged eight to 12 (but adults can read it if they like!).

When Jenny steps into a magic suitcase in the Best Bedroom of All, her journeys whizz her back in time to meet some of the world’s most exciting and colourful people. Helped by her guide for this adventure (a witty chap who might just be famous!), Jenny must search for two mysterious souvenirs. During Jenny’s quest she spies on a monks’ mad party in the forest, gets chased by a giant, lands in a gaol and much more. Oh, and Jenny can’t go home until she touches a ‘freedom document’ from history – but how will she do it?

This is JENNY – on her way to the Best Bedroom of All for another adventure!


This is JENNY’S GUIDE – you’ll have to read my book to find out who he is!


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