Wexford Book Tour – Day Two!

Day Two… no, not Celebrity Big Brother, my Wexford Book Tour to historic Wexford town and Gorey!

The traffic on Wexford’s quay was jammers, but thankfully I made it through the library doors with 10 minutes to spare.

For this first author visit on Day Two there were over 100 pupils from three different schools – thanks so, so much for coming, everyone. Also a huge thank-you to Vanessa of Wexford library for organising for everyone to get a lovely A4 illustration of their choice from the seven full-page cartoons in my magic history tale for boys and girls aged eight to 12.

author-sp-mcardle-at-wexford-library-on-october-4-for-childrens-book-festival-2016 author-sp-mcardle-at-wexford-library-on-october-4-for-childrens-book-festival-2016-2

The fifth and final Co Wexford author visit was to the fabulous library in Gorey, a bright, colourful, modern space that was a joy to visit. It was a smaller group than in Wexford town, but nonetheless perfectly formed!

gorey-library-wexford-childrens-book-festival-the-red-letter-day-by-sp-mcardle-oct-4-2016 gorey-library-wexford-childrens-book-festival-the-red-letter-day-by-sp-mcardle-oct-4-2016-3

Thank you, everyone. It was a real pleasure to visit the libraries of Co Wexford, and to meet so many bright and enthusiastic pupils – an experience I’ll never forget… for all the right reasons.

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